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Guelph, ON

Vision- Co-operative Education & Career Services An inspired team offering integrated services to all students and alumni contributing to their intentional and rewarding career journey.Here’s What Students Can Reasonably Expect From Their Career Centre…Confidentiality- Career staff are expected to exercise sound judgment and fairness in maintaining the confidentiality of student information, regardless of the source, including written records, reports, and computer data bases. Disclosure of student information outside the college/university should only be made with your prior consent unless health and safety considerations necessitate the distribution of such information.Freedom of Choice- Students are entitled to be assisted by the career staff in developing a career plan and making career decisions without having staff members’ biases or personal values imposed upon them.Access to Services and Events- Career centres may charge students for registering or taking part in certain services or events. Such fees should be sufficiently nominal so as not to hinder students from participating.Access to Career Information- All students, regardless of personal or educational background, should be provided with full and equal access to information on career opportunities and types of employing organizations. A Career Centre is also expected to inform students how and where to obtain information which may influence their decisions about an employing organization.Testing Information- A Career Centre should inform students of the availability of career and personality testing, the purpose of the tests, and the disclosure policies regarding test results.MissionCo-operative Education & Career Services supports, trains and leads students and alumni as they make career and further education planning decisions.ObjectivesProvide students with job search skillsAssist students to discern career or further education planningProvide experiential learning and employment opportunitiesValuesRespectCollaborationIntegrityCommitment to ExcellenceCreativityStudent AffairsCo-operative Education & Career Services (CECS) is part of Student Affairs at the University of Guelph. Student Affairs is dedicated to developing the person, the scholar and the citizen.DisclaimerCo-operative Education & Career Services strives to ensure that job opportunities are legitimate and are offered by individuals with good intentions; but we cannot make any guarantees. CECS does not perform background checks on employers posting job opportunities, or on students applying for jobs. Employers and students are encouraged to request reference information from each other as needed to establish qualifications and credentials.Co-operative Education & Career Services make every effort to ensure that the information contained on our website and printed materials is accurate. Links from our website are believed to be relevant and up-to-date. We do not accept responsibility for information contained on external websites.