Biotech Primer

Baltimore, MD

Biotech Primer develops customized training on the science, business, and regulatory processes essential to the Life Sciences industry. Courses are delivered in-house, online, and onsite at various locations worldwide. Since their creation in 2001, they have focused on biotech for the non-scientist, drug development, strategic commercialization, medical device development, the science of molecular diagnostics, and biosafety. Biotech Primer has presented nationally and internationally to over 65,000 individuals from more than 900 companies and have sold over 40,000 Primer books. Having built relationships with many of the largest Life Sciences companies, they have been an invited to present for the past ten years at the annual Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) International Convention and the Advamed Medtech Conference. Biotech Primer is committed to providing quality classes, services, and products to help educate the non-science professional in the basics of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices.