National Labour Market Information Study

Bring innovation to market faster with the right team! 

How you build that team starts with identifying necessary skill sets and then knowing where to find the right candidates.  

BioTalent Canada is conducting national Bio-economy Labour Market Information (LMI) study that will provide accurate and current labour market information 

The study will give Canada’s bio-economy companies a strategic advantage to compete nationallyand globally so that in addition to getting to market faster: 

  1. Graduates you hire will leave school with the skills and knowledge to easily transition into a productive workforce.
  2. Newcomers to Canada, with valuable skills, can quickly enter the workforce bringing their diverse perspectives to help access new markets and contribute to solutions.
  3. Stakeholders will have a clear picture of the industry, emerging trends and its employment, to support the voices who promote the impact of the industry on the Canadian economy – regionally, nationally and internationally.
  4. Future talent programs will be developed upon evidence-based industry need.

It all starts with the data upon which this industry is built and drives its innovation. 

Research stages

This in-depth study will involve a variety of research methods and stages including forecasting models and leverages the over 20 LMI reports produced since 2007. The stages—all ongoing—are:

  • Preliminary research – talking to industry leaders to confirm and revise the current definition of the bio-economy.
  • Economic analysis – gathering research from Statistics Canada and other government data.
  • Qualitative field researchgathering industry experts at roundtables and interviews to discuss the talent needs and challenges facing employers and other stakeholders. 
  • Quantitative field research – conducted an employer survey to measure and forecast the specific talent needs of the bio-economy pre-COVID-19 creating an industry baseline to see the impact of two post-COVID-19 pulse surveys. (via Ipsos Research) 
  • Opinion polladministering a career perception survey among Canadians. (via EKOS Research) 


BioTalent Canada will publish six research briefs in advance of the full LMI report releases in 2021. 

  1. Amplifying Success: The value of a STEM education for the bio-economy (September 8, 2020) 
  2. The Talent Differential: The case for work-integrated learning in the bio-economy (October 14, 2020)
  3. Defining the bio-economy (in development) 
  4. Occupations in high demand (in development) 
  5. Key results from co-ops and wage subsidies in the bio-economy (in development) 
  6. Preliminary indications of the impacts of the pandemic on the bio-economy labour market (in development)

BioTalent Canada will also release a national, 5 regional, and 3 hub LMI reports that will cover: 

  • current and future skills shortages, 
  • supply and demand of workers, and 
  • data to facilitate employer HR resource planning and management. 

If you’re interested in participating in this LMI study please contact Adriana Saenz at [email protected].


Funded by the Government of Canada’s Sectoral Initiatives Program.Canada logo