BioSkills Recognition Program

Stand out from the crowd – have your skills recognized.

If you are a bio-economy professional new to Canada, a new graduate fresh out of university, or someone with bio-economy work experience looking for a change, you know it can be hard to prove you have the skills for the job you want.

Through the BioSkills Recognition Program, you can showcase your abilities to employers in Canada’s growing biotech sector by being recognized as BioReadyTM

Being BioReady lets employers know you have the skills to work in certain biotech jobs in Canada’s bio-economy.


  • Successfully transfer your skills from other occupations such as physician, surgeon, nurse, veterinarian,pharmacist, medical laboratory technologist, or manufacturing
  • Showcase your skills to employers with an industry-wide recognized BioReadyTM certificate
  • Have your profile added to the BioSkills Match database of job seekers and get noticed by employers looking to recruit skilled talent into biotech jobs
  • Have the advantage over other job seekers with your BioReady status

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Step 1: Creation – Create an online ePortfolio through the easy-to-use BioSkills Recognition Program. You must enter your:
a. Education,
b. Experience,
c. Competencies or transferable skills (based on Bio-economy Skills Profiles or Skills At-a-Glance)
d. Language proficiency,
e. Supporting documentation including a resume and/or research papers.

This takes about 1-2 hours to complete and it can be saved to complete at a later time.

Step 2: Submission – Confirm for accuracy, submit and pay for your ePortfolio review.

Step 3: Review – A team of biotech professionals will review your ePortfolio to determine if you are BioReady for a specific function in the bio-economy. This may take up to 10 business days. You may be asked to provide more information to the reviewer during this stage.

Step 4: Recognition – If you are recognized as BioReady™ you will:
a. Receive notification and a certificate identifying the your BioReady function.
b. Be added to the BioSkills Match which employers use to find skilled talent.
c. Be able to promote your BioReady status in job applications, your resumé and your LinkedIn profile.

How it works

  1. Build an ePortfolio with your education, experience, language, competencies, transferable skills, and documentation.
  2. Be reviewed by a BioReady expert against existing Bio-economy Skills Profiles. Once available, National Occupational Standards will be the new benchmark for recognition.
  3. Become recognized BioReady™.

For any questions, please contact BioTalent Canada at [email protected]


$200 per ePortfolio

You may also qualify for FREE submission. Clients of the Immigrant Employment Council of BC (IEC-BC), participating in the FAST Program might qualify to submit a BioSkills Recognition Portfolio for free. For more information or to request your coupon code, please contact Iona Fresnoza at [email protected] or 604-629-5364 Ext.113.


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