Your biotech interview made easy

Using the Bio-economy Skills Profile or Skills At-a-Glance to prepare for your next interview

The final story from our series on recruitment looks at how you can prepare for the big interview. A Bio-economy Skills Profile/Skills At-a-Glance outlines all of the requisite competencies for specific roles. Using this list as a foundation upon which to build interview questions; or prepare for an upcoming interview, can help ensure you find or become the candidate with the desired skill set for the position.

  1. Review the Skills Profile and Skills At-a-Glance for the position. Select 6 to 8 skills you feel are paramount to the success of any new hire in this role.
  2. Create job knowledge questions for each of the skills by following the below guidelines:
    1. What specific knowledge is required for this task?
    2. How could a candidate convince you of the ability to perform this task?
  3. Write out the interview question and the desired answer. Is the question clear enough to solicit the desired answer?
  4. Next, trial the question on a co-worker. Did he or she give the desired answer? What feedback did the co-worker have?
  5. Incorporate the information you gained in step 4 into a revised interview question.
  6. Repeat these steps for each of the 6 to 8 skills selected in step 1.

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