Three Tips to Maximize Your Executive Announcement

Organizational announcements might not initially seem like it, but they serve as important messaging for both the news consuming public as well as the investor relations community. The key to maximizing the impact of an executive announcement is in the presentation of the information and the reasoning behind its issuance. Following are the top three tips to help you set up your news for best amplification.

Showcase corporate vision through transparency

Issuing an executive announcement gives an organization the opportunity to showcase vision and direction by explaining specific decisions. By elaborating a planned change within the executive suite, the public is directed to focus on the corporate mission and how it will be accomplished. Allowing the news consuming audience, journalists and reporters access into organizational updates shows internal stability and encourages confidence.

Take control of the conversation

Changes in the executive hierarchy are of great interest to the investor relations community, and that is why it is important to take control of the conversation. Any organizational change is news and you want to be the one behind that news reaching the public, potential clients and customers, and investors. Issuing an executive announcement demonstrates premeditation, steps taken to further a developed plan of action for the organization.

Build brand awareness through brand personality

This point references a record breaking news release issued for Nintendo of America. Learn more about the release and subsequent impact.

When Golin issued a release announcing Doug Bowser as the new VP of Sales at Nintendo of America, what could have been a regular announcement about a new hire was instead turned into a fascinating anecdote. The story was about the irony of a company hiring a man who shares his name with a notorious character the company is known for. The headline did not read Doug Bowser as New VP of Sales. They utilized Bowser and fans’ association with the Mario character by tapping into their sense of humor. Over 500,000 views, including over half a million views alone of just Doug Bowser’s photograph, made this an industry defining news release.

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