Recognizing talent for a stronger bio-economy: BioTalent Canada’s BioReady Review Board

More than a third of Canadian biotechnology companies are dealing with skills shortages — a worrying trend that is predicted to continue.

Access to skilled professionals is essential for biotech companies to execute their innovation agendas and to drive new products and services to market. It also helps secure and build Canada’s global leadership and competitiveness.

To fill the skills gap quickly, employers need access to available talent with the right skills recognized by indsutry. That is why BioTalent Canada has created the BioReady Review Board (formerly known as the Competency Committee), and is enlisting the help of people like Lee DesRosiers, a bioprocessing reagents Product Manager with pharmaceutical supplier BioVectra, to make it happen.

Giving Back to the Bio-economy

The BioReady Review Board is a group of experts from a variety of positions in the biotech sector who believe in the importance of investing in the future of their industry.

According to DesRosiers, a bio-economy veteran who became a member this year, “the purpose of the committee is to help define the characteristics required to enter a position in Canadian biotech through the BioSkills Recognition Program.”

The BioSkills Recognition Program is an industry seal of approval that grants job seekers the status of BioReady™, identifying that a candidate’s skills have been recognized by the industry. It targets anyone entering the bio-economy, including new graduates, internationally educated professionals (IEPs) and individuals from other sectors who may have complementary skill they can transfer to the bio-economy workforce. The program provides Canadian employers a pre-screening tool in the recruitment of job-ready talent.

“It’s a way to lend experienced eyes to candidates’ profiles, and to determine which ones have the right skills to fill specific positions, specific needs, in the country’s bio-economy,” explains DesRosiers.

A Small Investment with High Returns

Being a part of the committee “has not been a big commitment at all,” says DesRosiers. “It’s simply a question of taking a few minutes at night to evaluate profiles online, and to reach decisions and make the call on them.”

In exchange for this marginal time investment, BioReady Review Board members are able to bring their expertise and tremendous value not only to the individuals whose skills they are reviewing, but to the biotech industry as a whole. And most find the opportunity to give back is very rewarding.

“The experience is a very enriching and stimulating one,” says DesRosiers. ”You encounter people who are trying to make their start, and get a chance to share your knowledge and to leave a mark on the industry going forward.”

And there are other benefits to being on the committee. Review Board members have first access to the best and brightest BioReady™ talent available to fill holes or bolster the workforce in their own companies. It’s a true win-win.

Adds DesRosiers, “The process helps you identify and define the requirements of different positions — which serves me well in my job as a manager who interviews, hires and promotes people at BioVectra.”

For More Information

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