A Q&A with BC’s Largest Biotechnology Company, STEMCELL Technologies

Join us in our mission to advance the pursuit of scientific knowledge by supplying high-quality, innovative reagents, tools, and services that enable life science research.

Who is STEMCELL Technologies?

Dr. Allen Eaves, STEMCELL’s President and CEO, started the company as a side project within his core research group at the Terry Fox Laboratories in Vancouver. In 1993 – STEMCELL’s first year of operations – the company employed eight people and, selling only cell culture media for growing blood-forming stem cells, generated $1 million in sales. Today, STEMCELL is one of Canada’s largest biotechnology employers and has more than 900 employees, over 700 of whom live in Greater Vancouver, while the remainder are based out of our 11 international offices.

STEMCELL’s product portfolio has grown too! We now offer more than 2,500 specialized reagents and tools that support global research on cancer and other diseases, as well as cell therapy and regenerative medicine. Our cell culture reagents, cell separation tools, instruments and accessory products allow scientists to perform experiments more efficiently and effectively, which ultimately pushes scientific knowledge forward.

We also know that science doesn’t end at the bench. Effective training, communication and collaboration are essential for science to happen. STEMCELL is deeply rooted in the scientific community and science education, and these values drive an ongoing effort to provide scientists with the resources they need to keep current with the latest scientific advances and innovations in their fields.

What is it like to work at STEMCELL?

Several qualities make STEMCELL a fantastic place to work, learn and grow. Most importantly, STEMCELL is a company of Scientists Helping Scientists. This culture pulses throughout the company. Across the board, STEMCELLers are bright, driven, collaborative and science-loving people. It’s inspiring to work with such a fantastic group united by a common goal – to help progress the pursuit of biomedical scientific knowledge.

STEMCELL is also passionate about supporting Canadian science. As a company, we are committed to fueling Canada’s knowledge-based economy by developing innovative technologies on Canadian soil, as well as creating great Canadian jobs for scientists and those who love science.

What does STEMCELL’s future look like?

STEMCELL has seen strong and consistent growth every year, and this is expected to continue as we expand our international offices, as well as our product portfolio. We are approaching two amazing milestones in 2017: we will hire our 1000th employee and revenues are projected to exceed $150 million!

Also, to support future growth, STEMCELL has recently signed a 40-year lease for a large warehouse in Burnaby, BC, which will soon be renovated into a state-of-the-art advanced biomanufacturing facility. This marks the beginning of a long-term plan to consolidate and greatly expand STEMCELL’s facilities. These new highly specialized laboratories and cleanrooms will be specifically designed to enable STEMCELL’s manufacturing practices to meet global regulatory standards for clinical-grade biomedical products, which is an exciting new direction for the company.

What advice do you give for someone who wants to work at STEMCELL?

Apply! We’re always looking for bright, motivated people to join our team. If you’re curious about a specific role or job opening, contact our Human Resources team, or track us down at one of our community events. We can answer your questions, and maybe introduce you to someone in the company to give you a better idea of what the role entails. Remember, we’re Scientists Helping Scientists – we want to see you succeed!

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