How I landed my dream job without “Canadian experience”

If you are a medical, health or science professional new to Canada and you have foreign credentials and experience, you may have the skills to work in Canada’s bio-economy, but how do you prove that? How do you land that first foot in the door?

Earlier this year, BioTalent Canada asked its followers on Twitter to identify the biggest challenge for newcomers looking to start a career in Canada. One of the challenges was “little or no familiarity with the resources available to newcomers.” Another challenge was “lack of social networks to help move careers forward.”

With more than half of Canada’s biotechnology companies reporting skills shortages, one of BioTalent Canada’s primary focus is to connect employers to skilled talent. With programs like BioSkills Recognition and networking and mentoring events, BioTalent Canada aims to address the very issues identified as the biggest challenges for newcomers.

As a newcomer and job seeker, Dr. Raghvendra Bagla attended a BioTalent Canada networking event earlier this spring. Our team at BioTalent Canada was thrilled when Dr. Bagla got in touch to let us know that connections he made through that networking session helped him land a job that he loves. To inspire and encourage others, we are sharing Dr. Bagla’s story today.

Dr. Bagla is a medical doctor originally from India, where he worked as a senior resident at AIIMS, one of the premier medical science teaching institutes in India. Later he transitioned to the drug development industry, where he found his passion. Dr. Bagla came to Canada to further his career in drug development and build his experience in the field he loved.

In facing the challenges of landing a job without “Canadian experience” Dr. Bagla began seeking programs available to help newcomers land a job and he put effort into growing his network. He registered for a BioTalent Canada networking event for newcomers to mingle with biotech professionals interested in being mentors.

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This networking event turned out to be instrumental in helping Dr. Bagla land a job. At the event, he met a biotech professional that like him, shared a passion for drug development. This biotech professional connected Dr. Bagla to other professionals in his network and he also dedicated time to help Dr. Bagla with matters crucial to long term success in a Canadian work culture. It is through this connection that Dr. Bagla found himself having a casual information interview with an individual from Integrated Therapeutic Solutions, a specialized contract research company. He was soon invited to an interview with the CEO.

The rest is history. Dr. Bagla, who is passionate about development of new drugs and devices, is now a Safety Management Consultant at Integrated Therapeutic Solutions.

When asked how he successfully landed his dream job, Dr. Bagla says, “I took every networking opportunity to engage with other professionals sharing the same passion for drug development and I focused on being myself. I didn’t pretend to be a 100% right fit for the job, instead I focused on my experience, my passion for the field and my desire to learn and grow. I am now part of a great team working on making a difference in people lives. I could not be happier.”

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