Healthcare Connections program alumni Hardik Patel achieves success

Picture: Healthcare Connections Most Recent Graduates

Hardik Patel moved to Canada in 2018 with the hopes of a better life for himself and his partner. Originally from India, Hardik was a medical doctor with experience in Pharmaceuticals. Unsure of how he would like to progress his career in this new country, Hardik was interested in exploring his employment opportunities. Highly educated, experience, and in need of career guidance, Hardik was an ideal candidate for ACCES Employment’s Healthcare Connections program. After visiting an ACCES location, he was enrolled in the April 2019 Healthcare Connections cohort which was focused on Sales of Pharmaceuticals or Medical Supplies.

Finding employment in India was very different. With his medical degree Hardik was regularly contacted by headhunters and he never had to apply to job postings. Everything was based on technical knowledge. Through the Healthcare Connections program and working with an employment consultant at ACCES, Hardik started to gain an understanding of his industry in the Canadian market and the importance of soft skills for his job search. He developed networking skills and took advantage of the many networking opportunities presented through the program. Hardik thoroughly enjoyed the overall approach of the program and the way it is designed to help internationally educated healthcare professionals (IEHPs) find alternative career options in the broader healthcare field. “I learned a great deal from the guest speakers and facilitators. I was hearing from individuals who had direct experience in the industry. I began to understand the expectations of Canadian employers from the application process to the workplace, and I discovered the different roles available in Pharmaceuticals. Through the coaching I received on updating my resume, and effective ways to find and apply for jobs online I was able to successful find a job before the program completed.”

Hardik applied to a job through LinkedIn and accepted the position of Medical Data Specialist. Once in the role he realized it wasn’t exactly what he was looking for but it provided him an opportunity to learn more about the industry and gain some valuable experience. While continuing to build his professional network Hardik found a new opportunity. He enthusiastically accepted a role as Medical Advisor with Mylan.

“My success in finding employment as quickly as I did was due to the guidance and support I received from ACCES. My advice to all newcomers to Canada is to continue putting effort into your job search. There will be times when things are not happening – but that is ok. Don’t give up. No one is going to come and offer you a job if you are not pursuing opportunities. ACCES can help you to develop your soft skills, learn about workplace culture, and prepare for networking events. Continue to build your network in any way you can and good things will happen.”

Article provided by Acces Employment